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Avocado Queen
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A huge variety of great portions

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Avocado grill with tomato and goat cheese
Grilled avocado, goat cheese, tomato, onion, corn, greens, lemon, spicy spice, olive oil
3500 ֏
Grilled avocado with shrimp, cherry tomato
Grilled avocado with shrimp and cherry tomato
4900 ֏
Grilled avocado with seafood
salmon, squid, shrimp, seafood, tomato sauce, spicy, avocado, cherry tomatoes
5900 ֏
Grilled avocado with truffle and egg
grill avocado, truffle, scramble, tomato salsa, spicy seasoning
4500 ֏
Toast avocado, tomato, poached egg
Avocado toast, tomato, poached egg, mix greens
3600 ֏
Fresh avocado
Fresh avocado,lemon,coriander
2400 ֏

Avocado Queen By Novikov

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